Benefits of Photo Directories for Your Church and How to Create a Photo Directory

My family and I have moved fairly often and without exception, every time I unpack the attic I come across my yearbooks. Some are from elementary school and others from college and I just have to stop and flip through and see what I looked like, remember old friends and see familiar faces. Times change, people grow, mature and dare I say it, age. Things keep moving on, time waits for no man. That is why I enjoy flipping through those photographic treasures and in a sense time stands still and we are forever on that playground. A church directory is very much like those school yearbooks it gives us something useful presently and will even serve as a time capsule as the seasons and years march on.Maybe you are bad with names but remember faces very well. This is where a church photo directory can be of easy and tremendous help. It has been said that the most wonderful sound any human will ever hear is the sound of their own name. All my high school career, I wanted to be the starting kicker on the football team. Schools around us have sent kickers to the NFL so competition was great. My senior year I was not the starting kicker but was the starting punter. In a game against a great rival I’ll never forget taking the snap, stepping, releasing and feeling the ball jump off my foot only to hear the home team announcer scream my name over the loud speakers. God blessed that kick, I suppose angels carried it. I don’t remember the punt so much as I remember my name being called. We can give that to others in our church by simply reviewing the directory and greeting them personally.A photo directory is also a wonderful tool as many of them will also contain birthdays. If you are like me and forget when your own birthday is, it really helps to have an at home reminder of when our friends turn another age older-though of course they don’t look it! A phone call or a simple note or card on that day is a blessing to them, all because you took out a directory to see who had birthdays this month. Another important time in the life of members is anniversaries. Most directories include them as well and the same joy and appreciation is there for those whose anniversary is commemorated by others too. Using the directory for these purposes actually helps a congregation grow closer together as life’s moments are recognized and shared.Perhaps someone new comes to the church and wants to put together a children’s program or event, a church directory is an easy way for them to see just how many children the church has and how they can get in touch with their parents. In some cases, a directory can help people see family relations and connections with greater clarity and understanding. Sometimes churches need a little something to get excited about or talk about and a new directory does just that. People check schedules, make appointments to have photos taken (most of the time orders can be made to purchase the family pictures) and then eagerly await the distribution. Also, when the church has an event or occasion of great importance and photos are taken and put in the directory, you will have that memory there for you to look back upon and live it afresh.

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